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I. Am. Obsessed. With. France. France is home to some of my favorite things: delicious, classic cuisine, spectacular wine, fabulous shopping, quaint architecture, & breathtaking scenery. There's literally nothing you can't see or do there!

Ciao, bella! Is there any place on earth more romantic, charming, or downright special that Italy? (The answer here is no, no, there isn't.)

Of all the places to get some #jetlagplease, Europe is my favorite. If you've never been, it can be pretty overwhelming. Take advantage of my expert advice here and you'll Euro like a PRO on your next trip!

Why travel like a genius? Why not?!?! I've made it my mission to share my personal tips for vacation greatness. After all, who wants to come home feeling like they didn't maximize their vacation?

Forgive me for ranting, but travel should be made for you--not the other way around. I built my business on the principle that customized travel = more fun and better memories. If you need advice on personalizing your trip, you've come to the right place. 

Welcome, Foodies! You are among friends here. I love sharing my favorite dining tips, restaurant advice, & even recipes from my culinary adventures. If you are a food tour fanatic like I am, you'll love these articles. 

Wine geeks, brew hounds, & mixologists unite! It's always happy hour at Jetlag Please...seriously...I'm drinking a martini as I type this.

Just because I'm crazy for Europe doesn't mean I don't like to mix things up. This is a big, beautiful world full of places to inspire everyone's vacation craving. You can find some of my non-European favorites here.