Personal. Effortless. Seamless.


Travel is a luxurious, liberating, enthralling gift we give ourselves. It's memories with our people and serendipitous moments and a whole lot of FUN. Travel is one of life's greatest pleasures & privileges.

But, real talk?

It can also be a huge pain in the tuckus. How do you find a destination that everyone in your crew will be thrilled about, then do months of research (thanks, Google) to learn about the place and put together what feels like a thousand puzzle pieces to make it come to life? All while, ya know, living your life.

We'd like to invite you to sit back & relax.

The Jetlag Experience crew will have you to your destination in no time.

When you invest in a Jetlag Experience you can expect...

🎯 Extraordinary accommodations that match your personal style.


🎯 Enthusiastic guides who eagerly share a piece of their world with you.


🎯 VIP amenities & personalized luxury throughout your trip.


🎯 Exclusive experiences that elevate your entire vacation.


Step 1: Let's Connect!

Start by introducing yourself, of course! Please take a moment to complete this brief form so that we can get an idea of what you have in mind and see if The Jetlag Experience is a good fit. Got more questions than answers? That's fine too. Everyone comes to us at a different place in their journey, and we're happy to meet you where you're at.
✈️ We love jet lag, but we do not currently accept air only requests.

Step 2: Consultation

After you complete our intro form, we will reach out by email (or phone, if you prefer) to visit with you on a more personal basis. Because every. single. trip. we design is customized, we will need to gather quite a few specifics before we get started. Sometimes this will also involve fleshing out the right destination, and that's not a problem. This step is the most important one for you and for us, so we want to take our time and get it right.

✈️ TBH: There are occasions in this part of the process when we decide we're not a good fit.

    • When a traveler doesn't connect with our big-picture approach.
    • When we don't have enough lead time to design the trip or it's in a destination that's outside our wheelhouse.
    • The traveler's budget is too restrictive for their wish list + our services.
Regardless of the circumstances, we always hope to leave everyone we meet with a little value. We will be happy to offer you a referral or suggest resources to assist you in your next steps.

Step 3: Commitment Time

Immediately following our consultation, we will email you our Welcome Packet. You can expect to find a detailed look at the steps to come and some forms to provide us with the details needed to book your trip (passports, loyalty numbers, billing info, etc). Once we receive that info back from you, we will charge our planning retainer to your card on file and add your trip to our design calendar.
The best part? Your work here is DONE!

Step 4: Trip Design

Goodbye, search engine...Hello, VIP Treatment!
Now comes the fun part! Autumn will design a custom Trip Preview based on everything you shared with us. This will give you a birds-eye view of the day-by-day agenda, as well as an idea of what to expect on price. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and request any modifications. Once you approve, the Jetlag Team will collaborate with our fabulous destination partners to bring your dream to life.

When we say "relax"--we mean it! Our team of Jetlag Junkies will handle all the details needed to make your trip magical: booking accommodations, arranging transportation, curating experiences with local guides, planning special touches, and even taking care of your concierge requests.

While you're anticipating the big trip, we will continue to touch base with you to make sure you're prepared for travel to your destination(s) and let you know what we're working on. When the time comes, we will present you with your itinerary and travel documents--everything you need for a turnkey Jetlag Experience.

It really is that easy!