What to Expect on an African Safari

What to Expect on Your African Safari

Hint: It may not be how you picture it!

If the idea of an African safari doesn't exactly conjure up images like the one above, you've come to the right place to learn what you've been missing. My vision for our 2022 African Safari trip is all about combining once-in-a-lifetime safari experiences with comfort and hospitality. Oh, and sunsets...lots of pretty sunsets!

Thrilling Game Drives

  • Comfortable safari vehicles
  • Expert guides
  • Wildlife in its natural habitat



Every single game drive will be different! The wildlife may be putting on a show, but nothing is scripted here. You might see cheetahs hunting their prey, a lioness with her cubs, or elephants and zebras splashing in the river. The magic here is that we have the ability to safely and strategically observe these majestic creatures living their lives.

Evening Sundowners & Delicious Food

One of my favorite African traditions is the sundowner. A sundowner is akin to happy hour, and it comes to you. Typical sundowners include a gin & tonic and apertivo style snacks, but you're welcome to enjoy whatever you like. If you are in the bush, your guide will set up a remote bar and seating for you; if you are at the lodge, just follow the rays of pink and purple and the sounds of laughter and storytelling.

Of course, you will work up quite an appetite with all the excitement each day brings. A typical safari day offers several dining opportunities for lodge guests. You'll be gently awoken for your morning game drive with your choice of coffee or tea, along with some homemade biscuits. While on safari, you can expect anything from a mid-morning snack of muffins and fruit (and more coffee!) to a full-blown brunch out in the bush. Back at the lodge, it's a lunch of salad, meats, quiche, and vegetables served alongside a crisp white wine. Following a dip in the pool and an afternoon nap you may want to enjoy high tea (also helpful in case you skipped lunch following a big breakfast). Next comes sundowners, followed by a delicious multi-course meal which you might choose to enjoy in the boma or even on your deck. Don't forget to pop by the bar for your favorite cocktail!

Chill Time at the Safari Lodge

While your African safari will be full of game drives, bush walks, and river cruises, you also have the freedom to relax and enjoy our beautiful lodges whenever you like. Enjoy a massage at the sala, lounge by the pool, read a book on your deck, or meet new friends for a drink in the boma. You are going to love the gracious staff and comfortable lodges almost as much as the wildlife experiences. Given the spectacular access our lodges have, don't be surprised if the wildlife comes to you!

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