Girls’ Trip: Tuscany 2018

Hey Jetlag Junkies!

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to return to one of my favorite Italian destinations: Tuscany! Tuscany is one of my most-requested destinations, so I was excited to try out some new specialty services and get to know a few new local suppliers. Building relationships is one of the most important and rewarding parts of my job...and test-driving exclusive experiences is one of the funnest! (Side note for all you language nerds: it's perfectly acceptable to say "funnest" if you really, really mean it. Trust me.)
This trip to Tuscany was especially awesome because my mom was able to join me.

What a gift! I am one of those fortunate souls who genuinely enjoys spending time with her parents. The older I get, the more I savor every moment with them. My mom was such a great sport, too. Knowing that this trip was business-first, she carried my camera bag (and took a ridiculous number of pics), helped me with 1,001 tasks, and sat patiently while I geeked out on a tour of the most romantic Tuscan villa e v e r. She also made me laugh a million times over and reminded me that the best part of travel is enjoying time away with people you love.

mother daughter Tuscany trip
One of the reasons that it was so great to have my mom with me is because we both enjoy food and wine themed activities (ahem…we like to cook, eat, and drink), and a major goal of this trip was for me to expand some of the opportunities I am able to offer my fellow foodie clients. We had such a blast and actually learned a lot!

We spent a couple of days with a local chef, and this was such a treat.Chef Andrea has a charming property in the Chianti countryside, and he and his family could not have been more welcoming to us. He let us tag along for a visit to his olive grove where the field workers were eagerly at harvest, introduced us to an olive oil producer and a local butcher, and arranged a tour of his family’s beautiful wine cellar.

Chef—ever the teacher—educated us about the different meats and cheeses produced in the region, how to reduce gluten with ancient grains, and how to properly taste olive oil. Together, we sampled an absurd quantity of cheese, prepared local specialties and family recipes, and drank entirely too much wine. Did I mention the wine was from his family vineyard?!? And much of the food came from his vegetable garden? Bliss.

Two nights in a row, the chef welcomed us graciously into his home. The first night, he guided us through some of his family recipes, and then we feasted until past midnight. I’m not gonna lie…there was a chocolate cake that made me seriously question the meaning of life. The following night, Chef set out wine and bruschetta and told us to relax and enjoy the sunset view while he, his wife, sister-in-law, and mom prepared our dinner.

We obliged.
Let me tell ya, Italians do dinner parties up right. He grilled pizzas by the terrace at sunset, served us a 5 course dinner alongside his family, and even had his cousin there to serenade us. Y’all, it was something out of a dream.

Friend, these couple of days with Chef Andrea were some of the best of my life. I loved sharing wine, laughs, and bread with my mom and my new Italian friends. This was only the beginning of our trip, but it summed up the entire reason I travel. Doing life with beautiful souls. Sharing meals. Making memories. Engaging on a deeper level with a different culture. Allowing others to welcome me into their country, their home, their lives.

This was also the kind of experience that reminded me why I do what I do. Anyone can book a flight, find a hotel, and maybe even reserve a spot on a tour somewhere. My job—my passion—is to fill your life and your vacations with experiences you couldn’t dial up for yourself. I want to give you the opportunity to make memories that never would have been made, and to savor a life that never would have been tasted.
Ciao, bella,


If you're curious about what to expect from a trip to Italy, or if you're ready to get started on your own dreamy getaway to Tuscany, please reach out to me directly: I'm happy to answer questions, bounce around ideas, and put my travel design skills to work on your next European vacation.