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When you partner with The Jetlag Experience, you get more than a travel agent. You get a trained & vetted advisor with the best affiliations in the industry. You get our worldwide network of in-destination suppliers to ensure a seamless travel experience. You get us--our team--and all of our collective insights, wisdom, and experiences.
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We believe that the best travel is personal. Every Jetlag Experience is as unique and original as the travelers enjoying it. We won't put you in a box, and you won't be limited to the cookie-cutter vacation packages you find on the internet. This is your adventure. Let us design it your way.

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Meet Our Founder

Hi, I'm Autumn. Travel addict. Unapologetic hotel snob. Lover of soft sand, captivating cities, dreamy views, & really good food.

Enneagram 3. Aquarian. INTP. Detail-obsessed research nerd. So, basically, I was built in a lab to plan super detailed vacations!

Nobody would confuse me with an influencer. My Insta game is weak sauce and I don't even care. I created The Jetlag Experience because I love helping others live out their travel dreams and make memories with the people they love. Also because I like wearing yoga pants to work. But mostly the helping people part.
I'm crazy about exploring this world, eating its food, drinking its wine, and absorbing its culture. I've learned how to travel the way I like to live--in comfort and with class. The opportunity to travel well is a beautiful gift from above--one I'm keen to share with everyone I meet.

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