Outside the Box Honeymoon Ideas

It is wedding season, isn’t it? I am actually starting to lose count of how many wedding invitations I’ve received in the last few weeks! And since it’s only May, I know many more are yet to come. Do you know what surprises me though? Almost all of my honeymoon clients are going to the Caribbean or Mexico. While there’s nothing wrong with that (I honeymooned in Mexico myself), maybe you’re looking for some different honeymoon ideas. If so, keep reading. I’ve got some dreamy destinations you’ll want to check out.

A Lesson in Not Settling

One honeymoon client, Jess, came to me absolutely certain she wanted to honeymoon in Jamaica…only to realize that Jamaica didn’t meet any of the items on her wish list. With a little research and some out-of-the-box thinking, we ended up putting together her and her fiancé’s dream trip to Fiji! This came as a total shock to them, but they couldn’t be happier about it now. Fiji may not seem like a total stretch when it comes to honeymoon destinations, but for Jess and her fiancé, it was. In fact, it was way outside their comfort zone until I showed them all the reasons why it was a perfect fit. (Spoiler alert: they had an amazing time.)

If you are…Adventurers


Have you considered Africa yet? I almost hesitate to just say, “Africa” as if it is one place. We are talking about a vastly diverse, largely safe continent teeming with natural beauty, exotic animals, beaches, vineyards, shopping, and a crazy-good food scene. Even more, Africa has something for everyone! Want to camp in the wild? How about Kenya or Zimbabwe? Looking to add a little glamour to your safari with a wine tasting? South Africa is perfect. The pre-requisite is that you prepare yourself for an insane adventure and a wealth of multi-sensory beauty.


If you are…Nature Lovers


If you love nature and want to visit a place that is leading the way in conserving and celebrating it, Iceland is my perfect pick for you! One week of breathing the cleanest air in the world, swimming in geothermal hot springs, and hiking waterfalls will add years to your life and your marriage. If you like to keep busy, you won’t have a problem here. Just be sure to wander outside at night to take in those amazing Northern Lights.


If you are…Adrenaline Junkies


If your idea of couple time is running marathons and trekking mountains, you need to plan your post-nuptial getaway to South America. From hiking the Inca Trail all the way to the citadel at Machu Picchu, to scaling the W circuit at Patagonia, South America offers breathtaking ways to challenge each other and yourselves. Don’t want to work that hard? How about a trip to Chile? You can spend your days alternating between wine-tasting, rafting, hiking, and checking out the art scene. You can even keep busy at a Gaucho ranch or take a boat to Iguassu Falls. Cruise lovers will enjoy the many river cruises that float the Amazon River or sailing around the Galapagos Islands.


If you are…Beach-combers


Want to know why my hubby and I honeymooned in Mexico? Simple! We knew that after all the wedding fuss, we just wanted to be on a beautiful beach without anything to do or worry about. Does this sound familiar? Newsflash! They make beaches—great ones!!—outside the Caribbean! I know, right?!?! You could be like Jess and select a tropical island in the South Pacific. You could splurge and go to the Maldives or the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. You could even visit any one of the hundreds of beaches in the Mediterranean! Or have an amazing adventure in Thailand! The world is your oyster…and there are plenty of beach bars that serve them.

**For the record, I’m not hating on Caribbean beaches! My job is to offer up inspiring alternatives…not to tell you what you already know is awesome. You can check out my list of Dreamy Destinations for more inspiration.


If you are…Culture Seekers

So you love culture and sightseeing and all things Europe? Good news…I’ve got a whole list for you RIGHT HERE!

I hope you found some inspiration in this list—whether your next vacation will be with the one you love, a carload of kids, or your friends from college. The real point here is to think outside the box when it comes to travel. It’s a great big world out there and it’s meant to be explored. Are you ready to put together a vacation to one of these amazing destinations? Reach out to me today and we can get started!

Ciao chow,