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The Jetlagger's Guide to Exploring Paris Like a Pro

Easily learn how to...

  • Communicate with Parisians (even if you don't speak French!)

  • Navigate the city using public transportation (I make it super simple!)

  • Enjoy the delicious food culture & get a table at the best restaurants

  • Exchange money

  • See the best sights (without looking like a confused tourist)

  • Make memories with your loved ones in the most beautiful city on earth!

"Finally...I've looked everywhere for an easy-to-understand guide to Paris."

-Natalie Weller (Charleston, SC)

"This is the perfect guide to Paris travel!"

-Sandra Lewis (Lubbock, TX)

"We would have been totally lost--and clueless--without The Jetlagger's Guide!"

-Grant + Rebecca Sanders (Frisco, TX)
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