Paris Events Calendar 2017

Christmas is only 10 days away (insert panic emoji here!!), which means we are practically knocking on the door of 2017. I personally love the start of a new year, don’t you? It’s so full of promise (and promises). We all make goals and set our intentions when the calendar turns, and that’s a good thing. If we don’t focus on our aspirations, how will they become reality? I know I’m a biased vacation planner and serial traveler, but taking a great trip belongs on everyone’s list for 2017. Seriously! Travel can actually set you on the right path for achieving your other goals. Prepping for a vacation is spectacular motivation for hitting the gym and sticking to your investment plan, for example. So give yourself permission to move that dream vacation off the back burner in 2017!

Our family vacation to Paris…

I fully intend to see the family-enriching benefits of travel in the coming year. I am so pumped about taking my daughter to Paris in March! She has wanted to see the City of Light ever since reading the American Girl book about Grace. (If you didn’t know, AG crafted a doll named Grace who goes to Paris and works in a pâtisserie.) Now, I realize it may sound like I am one of those hyper-indulgent moms, but the truth is that this trip will be both educational and eye-opening for her.

My eight year old is already starting to learn some basic French. Speaking from personal experience, visiting Paris will only inspire her to continue her studies. In addition to overcoming a language barrier, my daughter will be exposed to new foods, street performers, and the best art in the world. She will practice her patience during 7 hour flights and those famously long Parisian lunches. I know she’ll be excited about the Eiffel Tower and the chocolates, but I can’t wait for her to experience simple things like train travel and street markets.

Family activities & sightseeing: you can make everyone happy in Paris!

As I begin to prep the daily itinerary for our trip to Paris, I want to be mindful of showing Chayce the day-to-day life taking place in Paris. I want her to see that this magical city continues being magical after we leave. A great way to do this is to take part in some of the exciting local events that will occur while we’re there. I realize that I’m super lucky in this regard because I have a ton of work contacts who live in the city. Thankfully, we are all set up for some awesome family activities that my daughter will love! Highlights include the Sunday horse races and equestrian show, as well as some kid-friendly cooking classes. Participating in activities that she doesn’t get to do at home will make it feel more like a vacation to her…all while upping her stamina for the sights we want to see.

Paris Events Calendar 2017

There are more than enough local events taking place in March to keep us busy–I only regret that we won’t have time to participate in them all! The Paris Visitors Bureau published a fantastic guide of the major Paris events scheduled for 2017. The Paris events guide is one of my many “bibles” as a Europe vacation planner. It is a critical planning tool for the 20 or more Paris trips I will design for my clients in 2017. The guide can also be a point of inspiration if you’re trying to narrow down which month to visit Paris. I’ve got serious FOMO about missing Paris in May: an entire month dedicated to gastronomy! Are you a foodie like me? If you are able to visit Paris in late spring, you will love the culinary events on the calendar!

You can check out the full guide to major events happening in Paris in 2017 by clicking here! Let me know what events interest you the most. As always, if I can be of service for your next European vacation–even if it’s just to answer a few questions–don’t hesitate to contact me!

Ciao Chow!