My First Jet Lag Experience

The first time I went to Europe (as a teenager), tons of people warned me of this terrible affliction called “jet lag.” They described vacations to Hawaii or China or Australia that had been derailed for 24 hours or more due to this icky illness they couldn’t kick. There didn’t seem to be a solution, except, of course, to apply my ninja invincible adolescent skills and pretend it wouldn’t happen to me.

I landed in London after my overnight flight and felt like I was in an alternate universe! If this was the evil jet lag, I wanted more of it STAT! Why? Because the only thing I felt was THRILLED TO BE IN LONDON!!!!!!!!!

That first trip to Europe taught me a lot of lessons (keep the address of your hotel with you at all times, I don’t know as much French as I think I do, it’s really fun to tube down a mountain…) and watered the seeds of fruitful travel in my soul. The best thing I learned, though, is that the most awesome vacation you can take is one that promises you some serious jet lag.

If you ask me where I’m going on my next trip, you’ll always hear the same response: somewhere that promises food, wine, culture, and #JETLAGPLEASE!

Ciao Chow,