Bartender Bingo

Looking for a little easy-does-it entertainment at your favorite beachside bar? Bartender Bingo couldn’t be easier! This silly game makes for great people watching and gives you something to do when you’re waiting out the rain. All you need is a cocktail napkin, pen, some kind of board markers (nuts or pretzels work great)…and a bar!

Step 1: Make your B-I-N-G-O board on a napkin:


Step 2: Select your 5 in a row – vertical, horizontal, or diagonal:

IMG_0703Step 3: Mark your board according to the following rules:

Whenever someone orders the following item, you “call it” and mark your board. You may not mark more than one space on the same drink. You may not mark a space for your own drink. You have to say it aloud so that everyone has a chance to mark their board.


B – Beer

I – Ice

N – Needs equipment (such as a blender)

G – Garnish (straws and stir sticks don’t count)

O – Only @ the beach (bahama mama, tequila sunrise, miami vice, etc)

When you get your 5 in a row, yell “Bingo!” and start again!


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