Where to Eat in Paris

As promised, I’m excited to give you a few great restaurant options for your next trip to Paris. In a city with something like 40,000 restaurants, it’s hard to figure out which bistro, brasserie, or bar is good. Here are some suggestions for you based on neighborhoods you’re likely to frequent.
The Marais: One of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris! This area is awash with art galleries, a creative spirit, and winding streets that lead from mansions to gay bars. It is an area all its own and the neighborhood dining is a reflection of that. I’ve already mentioned several great restaurants here, but here are a couple more that I don’t want you to miss out on.
  • Poîlane – a fabulous breakfast spot (well, it’s a bakery–a divine one) that you need to visit. Just trust me on this.
  • Café Pinson – a great place to get your greens for lunch. Trés healthy vegan options and juice bar.
  • Le Hangar – this is the perfect easy dinner spot after a long afternoon at the Pompidou. You’ll have to search a little and they don’t take credit cards…which basically translates to an awesome bistro that won’t break the bank.

The Latin Quarter: It’s all about the student café scene here and it’s worth a couple hours of your time. You will definitely work up an appetite wandering the crooked streets and shopping at the quaint little stores.

  • For an espresso fix…hit Da Zavola – a super cute Italian café with some of the best cannoli in Paris.
  • For a beer fix…hit Brewberry – they have hundreds of bottled beers to choose from and–even better–they don’t cost more if you decide to sit on the patio and people watch! Score!
  • For a sliver of fromage…hit Laurent Dubois – one of the best cheese shops in all of Paris (and that’s saying something!). Warning: they fancy and their cheese ain’t cheap. But I mean seriously…they stuff Camembert with mascarpone. Helloooo! EAT HERE.

Around The Eiffel Tower: Let me tell you what I love to do in this neighborhood…

  1. Visit the Rue Cler street market and find my lunch…
  2. Take my goodies to the nearby Champs de Mars…
  3. Find a spot on the path adjacent to the lawn and enjoy.

I could tell you all about the amazeballs restaurants in this area, but the truth is, none of them measure up to this little ritual for me.



Need more restaurant tips? All you have to do is ask!!!


Bon Appetite!